Hello Mothers!

We are currently changing from Wix to WordPress…which will mean you get a much better website in the end, but it is taking me a bit of time and a LOT of coffee.  I am not the most techy lady on earth.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding old posts to this website, starting of course with your favorite ones.  Some of the links won’t work right away, but I’ll get them working as fast as I can.

Yes, Battling Depression as a SAHM is the first one up!  And All About Goals will come very soon…

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The mother

Overwhelmed?  Start here!

Hey mom!  If right now, today, is the day you’re struggling with most…this is the place to start.  

First of all, take a warm dose of sympathy.  We’ve been in shoes very similar to yours!  (Or we would have been, if we could have found them…)

Ever notice that more training and mentoring happens in business than for stay-at-home moms?  Well, I have been very, very lucky to have had top-notch business mentors that are still helping me as a SAHM.  When happy, successful people are willing to teach you, it makes you want to implement what they teach, and pass on what you’ve learnt to someone else.

So here are our promises to you:  1) We’ll teach you how to be a successful stay-at-home mom, in small steps.  2) We’ll keep it simple, fun and real.  3) We’ll do our best to teach you how to teach it to your kids and family.

At the end of the day, Lean is about 2 things:  eliminating waste and building people.  You are one of the people we want to help build.  

Now…head on into the site.  My recommendation is you start by signing up for our emails, then read a handful of blog posts – or better yet, click the link below for an article on setting and achieving goals.   And I would LOVE to hear from you.