5 habits of successful stay-at-home moms

It’s a funny thing.
The habits that contribute to the success of gazillionaires and CEOs are the very same ones that will help you to be a success as a stay-at-home mom.  No, they are not necessarily easy to master, but they are habits and they can be improved with practice.
Want to know what they are?
1)  Get up early.
I know, I know, this is painful!  And I don’t want to either.  BUT it is the number one thing that is going to set you apart from the crowd (of kids!).  By getting up at least 30 minutes before your kiddies, you have a few minutes to shower and get ready for the day.  It means that by the time your kids get up, you have had time to think for a few minutes without reacting to wet beds, missing homework, and ‘why why why can’t I have chocolate cake for brekkie?’ conversations.
How to do it? Over the next few weeks, back your wake up time up by 15 minutes at a time.
You may even have time for a cup of coffee!
2) Have a schedule.
The fact is, we generally do have a schedule of sorts, but often it is more by default than design.  Successful people plan their schedule, though – they don’t just fall into it.
Some things won’t be up to you – what time you do school runs, for example – so of course you need to plan your other activities around those inflexible ones.
Speaking of inflexible, don’t be worried that having a schedule is going to make you inflexible.  Quite the opposite!  The interesting thing about a stay-at-home mom’s schedule, is that it helps you focus on your family and allocate time to take care of them.
3)  Set goals.
Did we just mention focus?  Setting goals will also help you to focus, and believe me – successful people set goals.
There are many stay-at-home moms that think that since they stay home, they shouldn’t set long- or short-term objectives for themselves.  Remember that stay-at-home moms need goals too!  Anyone who wants to be a successful-stay-at-home mom should not disregard this key area.  Be proactive in setting goals as a SAHM.  Planning ahead for a year, month or week will ensure you’re constantly making progress.
4)  Cut down on screen time.
When I was picking up my son from school this afternoon, 7 out of the 11 parents waiting with me were hunched over their phones.  (No doubt studying how to be a successful sahm, right?)
Interesting, though, a lot of successful business people only even answer emails a few times per day, and turn to business books in their ‘spare’ time.  What if as mothers, we put as much into studying for our personal growth and success, as business people put into theirs?
Unless the screen time is forwarding your goals and your family’s goals, cut it way way way way down.
5)  Keep on learning and growing.
This final point really ties in with each of the earlier points.  Don’t get stagnant.  Do what it takes (getting up early, setting a schedule, setting goals and trading screen time for high value time) to continue to learn and grow.  Manage your time so you can do that tiny little bit extra.  Take a course.  Read a ‘how-to’ book. Learn how to sew, or manage finances, or speak another language.
Commit yourself to do more than you thought you could!