How to Write a Strategic Map

Aaanndd…the second ebook in the “How to Achieve All Your Goals” series is ready to help you rock your goals!

This ebook explains in detail how (and why!) to write a strategic map.  Seriously, it gives you the tools you need to accomplish more in the next year than you have in the last five!

A strategic map is a business tool that we have used in our household to accomplish a variety of goals, since we were first introduced to the idea in 2009.

Since we have been using it ourselves, one thing stands out as very strange:

People place greater priority on their grocery lists than they do on their futures!

Introductory price is $2.  But you’ll have to hurry – that crazy low price will go up as soon as the rest of the series is ready!

If you’re worried about even that crazy low price, you can take advantage of our “homework” excuse policy, as stated below:

The Homework Excuse Policy

My kids have 17,461 excuses not to do their homework, but they also say “I have to do my homework!” if they want to get out of doing chores.

If for ANY reason you’re not happy with this download, just email your receipt to within 30 days and say “I have to do my homework!”

We will NOT ask any questions, and we WILL refund your $2 right away.

So go ahead and buy it before the price goes up!