How a SAHM can help her family’s finances

It’s something a lot of stay-at-home moms dream of.  Or feel guilty about.  Or wish for.  Or feel sad about.
Yup, a lot of emotion comes to the surface when we start thinking about the fact that we SAHMs are not earning a paycheck!
Sometimes, of course, a mom becomes a SAHM because it makes more financial sense to stay home than it would to pay for childcare, commuting, a work wardrobe, and on and on and on.
But even when we are SAHMs because we want to be – even when we carefully arrange our life so that we CAN be a stay-at-home mom – it is easy to wish we could somehow, SOMEHOW, contribute more to the family’s finances.
I think that’s why moms get pulled into the get-rich-quick schemes that I ranted about here.
We so badly want to be closer to 50% of the earning equation, that when we see a shiny offer that promises we can earn big bucks from home, while our baby is asleep…falling for the offer is what we naturally do.  (Whoops – I can tell I’m about to go off on another rant here!)
But the thing to remember is this.
Anytime you’re wanting to help your family have excess funds, there are two ways to do it.
1)  Earn more.
2)  Spend less.
The ‘earn more’ way is what we usually find attractive.  We don’t dream about spending less, we dream about earning more.  ‘Earning more’ is the glittering mirage on the horizon.
The ‘spend less’ way is what takes more time, more dedication, more tenacity and grit and courage and self-discipline.  It takes having a savings goal, and carefully working towards it day by day, hour by hour.  It means being thrifty in creative ways.  It means consciously enjoying what we have, instead of wanting the next fad.
Both parts – the earning and the spending – are what make up a budget.
And, mom, this is your time to shine.
YOU are the one that can really make a difference in your family’s finances. YOU can learn to budget and help your family beyond what you can imagine. YOU can be the one that guides your family into home-ownership, or the one that starts an emergency fund, or the one that saves for your kids’ education.
As a starting point, check out You Need a Budget, also known as YNAB.  If you use this link – and I hope you do! 🙂 – I will get a small commission that will help this website keep going.  Even if you don’t use that link, though, please get some kind of budgeting program.
YNAB has a free trial for 34 days, and after that costs $50 per year.  That’s just over $4 per month, and believe me…you’ll save far more than that in the first month!
In fact, my recommendation would be to get the free trial, and go whole hog for the first month, just doing every detailed step of the way.  That way you’ll have saved much more than the cost of the budgeting program before you have to pay for it.
You can do it, Mom!