How and why to spring clean in the fall

We often think of spring time as the best time to do a thorough cleanout.  You know, a spring cleaning!  But right now is a great time to do a thorough purge of your home, and donate as much as you can of your excess to charity.  Here’s why:
1)  Your donations really do change lives, starting with the people who buy your stuff from the thrift store.  Believe me, there have been times when I was SO GLAD to find a decent pair of boy’s jeans, or a winter coat for my daughter!
Then, of course, the thrift store is using the proceeds to help people too.  Whether they are providing jobs and meals, or whether they are funding research on cancer and diabetes,  they are helping more than just a few!
2)  You get a tax receipt for what you donate.  You’ll want to check out your local laws for specifics, but you’ll probably be able to deduct fair market value of what you donate, from your taxes.  You might want to take photos of your donations, so you can remember exactly what you donated, and show what condition it is in.
3)  And of course, from a Lean at Home perspective, getting rid of stuff you don’t need or want is ALWAYS a good thing.  But right now?  You just may be about to head into a very busy time of year.  If you get rid of stuff NOW, it won’t be in your way in a week or two when you’re trying to clean for company coming.
As an example:  grab a bag and fill is with the summer clothes that were just getting too small for your daughter.  It will only take you 5 minutes now to go through her closet.  But it will sure make it easier to pull her room together when your out-of-town family comes to visit!  And you won’t be re-hanging stuff that falls off hangers, picking things off the floor, and re-washing clothes that she’s not even going to wear again.
Remember – the first S is Sort.  SORT the stuff you don’t need, away from you.  Once you have gotten rid of it, you never have to clean it, dust it, fix it, lift it, or pick it up ever, ever, ever again.
If you’re wondering where to start on your fall/spring cleaning, I would suggest you take a look at your coat closet. Coats are very bulky, and your kiddies have very likely grown out of what’s in there.  You may have a load or two for the thrift store just from that one coat closet!  Plus, after you’ve gotten rid of the coats that don’t fit and the mittens without partners, you’ll know what you have and what you need to buy for this winter, and won’t end up buying more than you need.
Then quickly do your kids closets, and your own…your house will thank you for it, and you won’t be washing stuff that Junior tried on, dropped on the floor because it didn’t fit, kicked under the bed, and you eventually pulled out and re-washed.