How to rock out the end of the year

What is this blog coming to?  In the last post we were advocating doing a spring cleaning in the fall, and now we’re talking about old year resolutions.  Come on, Mother!  Don’t throw out tradition, in all your 3S’ing!
I know, I know.  But seriously, an old year resolution is great.  2017 is nearly over.  How did you do on your New Year’s resolutions?  Hmm?  Did you lose weight/get organized/learn a new language/keep in touch with each of your siblings every month?  No?
OK…well…let’s take a deeper look at this, using those examples, and you’ll see why an old year resolution can be powerful.
Whether or not you accomplished them, setting those goals earlier this year was at least identifying things that were important to you.
So first of all – are they still important to you?  People change, circumstances change, and you don’t have to be glued to an out-of-date goal.
Some things don’t change, though.  Hopefully your siblings are still important to you, even if you never did get around to monthly phone calls with them.
And that’s where an old year’s resolution can come in.  Look at those things that are still important to you.  Look at the six or seven weeks left in the year.  And do one thing – just one thing! – that aligns with each of those important parts.
You wanted to lose weight.  Well, go for a walk today.  In fact, just for the next 6 weeks or so, go for a walk 3 times a week!  You might find it easier to stick to a 6-week plan than a year-long one.
And you wanted this to be the year to get organized.  Instead, just clean out ONE problem area.  You know where it is!  Your coat cupboard, or your laundry room, or under the bathroom sink.
Is learning a new language still important to you?  Get the audio files into your car and leave it set to come on when you start your car.
And, finally – allow me a minute, while I go phone my sister!