What does success look like for a stay-at-home mom?

Sometimes we think success is a big scary thing that is either out of reach, or not relevant to a stay-at-home mom.  You know, like it can only be measured in financial terms.  Or maybe it means conquering a mountain – not a mountain of laundry.
But here’s the question:  what does success look like to you?  You can answer it in a big picture life-at-a-glance way, or you can consider it as applying to just today.  Or even just this hour.
I recommend you answer it for this week, or the next 10 days.  That’s long enough to be worth putting some effort in, and short enough that you’ll remember considering the question, when you’re done.
For this week, success for me means getting my kids to their schools on time, in clean clothes, each with a relatively healthy lunch. It means keeping the house tidy, catching up on the laundry that piled up over Labor Day weekend, and doing a slightly deeper clean so we can have visitors next week. It also means making a meal for a friend who just had a baby; making sure my hubby has what he needs for his two business trips this week and one next; and finally, posting a little on this website.
But. Those items listed above either are my ‘products’ or are closely related to them.  With Lean, you can’t only focus on your products; you have to be continually improving the processes that you use to make your products.
So we are always looking for ways to improve HOW we do what we do, and that’s the challenge for this week too:  look at what you’re doing – the dishes, the laundry, baking, and so on – and find one thing to change every day.  Whether it’s where you store your laundry detergent, or planning a few meals ahead of time, or whatever – the challenge is, make a few small improvements to HOW you reach success.
Which reminds me – I need to buy some hooks for in my kids’ bedrooms, so it is easier for them to hang up their towel and used clothes!  Plus a couple in the entrance hall would be good, too, for backpacks…
That way success this week, will help my future be more successful too! As in, easier to keep tidy and on top of laundry, which will mean there will be more for the ‘funner’ products like spending time with a friend.